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I have to hunt for most of my snaps. Others, like this Spokane Indians groundskeeper moving a portable backstop before the baseball game Thursday, can just appear out of nowhere.  It took me  a few seconds to realize that something as mundane as moving a backstop could make an interesting photo. I’m glad I had my  Nikon 300 mm 2.8 lens ready to shoot. The telephoto effect here helps compress the scene by making the background soft and the subject pop. Nikon D3s Nikkor 300 mm 2.8


David Yearout, a member of Spokane Indians groundskeeping crew, moves a portable backstop before the baseball game against Yakima Thursday at Avista Stadium in Spokane, Wash. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Backstop Bird

September 20th, 2010 Permalink

I was shooting a Spokane Indians baseball game from up in the press box behind home plate. I like this spot because it gives me a clear high-angle view of all the bases. The free hot dogs are a plus too. I use a 300 mm 2.8 lens with a doubler to pull me close to the action. As I was sitting there waiting for the free hot dogs to arrive, er, something to happen, a small bird landed on the backstop net for a fleeting moment. I shot one snap–because I was bored–and It ended up being a better picture than the sports photo that ran in the newspaper.

A bird perches in backstop net behind home plate during a Spokane Indians baseball game June 10, 2010. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review