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Lining up with thousands of people for a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway, Kathrine  Gilmore kisses and snuggles with her daughter Kaytlynn Thompson, age 7, outside the Spokane Arena, Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012, in Spokane Wash. The Salvation Army along with 2nd Harvest  and Tom’s Turkey Tuesday gave away thousands of turkeys and meal preparations to families in need.

Today I went the the Spokane Arena to check out the turkey giveaway for needy residents of Spokane. The line was thousands deep and snaked all the way out of the building. What amazed me most about this scene was not how many people turned out to get a free turkey, but the stories they told me of why they were in line. The Great Recession has taken a tremendous toll on families, with many  still fighting to  regain their economic footing. It made me me think if I lost my job, how many missed paychecks away I’d be from joining them in  line. Nikon D700, Nikkor 17-35mm lens Colin Mulvany/© The Spokesman-Review

Concert promoters allowed me only one song from the orchestra pit to photograph singer  Sir Elton John as he performed in Spokane recently. Concert photography has it own special challenges. The stage lighting changes rapidly and the freedom to move around is constrained–especially since you have to hug the rim of the stage as people, who paid big bucks for the privilege of a front row seat, bitch at you for being in their line of sight. When Elton walked on stage and waved to the crowd, I snapped this frame. The lights behind him threw my exposure meter off, under-exposing the shot.  I was able to save the image with a few brightness adjustments in Photoshop Camera Raw converter.  I like this frame because it stood out from all the shots I did of him sitting at his piano.

Taking the stage, singer Elton John waves to the sold-out Spokane Arena crowd Friday, April, 8, 2011. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review