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November 12th, 2012 Permalink

 Rob Roose and his daughters Lena, age 5, front, and Robin, age 10, in back, sled down Manito Hill in Manito Park, Monday, Nov. 12, 2012, in Spokane, Wash.

With three inches of fresh snow on the ground, I decided to crank out a quick feature picture of people sledding in Manito Park Monday morning. With my trusty 24-120mm lens, I shot at a slow shutter speed, while panning the camera. It is a technique that usually doesn’t work for me. This time I turned on the built-in vibration reduction in the lens, and it made a big difference in sharpness of many of my photos. The key in every pan shot is to pick the slowest shutter speed that will yield the best chance for a sharp photo, then match perfectly the speed of the subject as you pan the camera. In this case, a 30th of a second worked best. Out of all my shots, this one, with the fun expressions stood out. There was one better snap, but it just wasn’t sharp enough. I don’t dwell on all my missed shots. If I did, I would be a very depressed Photographer. Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-120mm Colin Mulvany/© The Spokesman-Review