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I was shooting a photo assignment in Riverfront Park Friday and looked up and saw this pattern in the Rotary Fountain. Not sure why I like this photo, but I do. The raw file was flat and uninteresting, but when I jacked the shadow slider in Photoshop’s levels to the right, this wonderful blue sky popped out. Nikon D3s Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Experimenting with a slow shutter speed to blur the motion of the water, I shot this photo of a woman walking through the Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park in Spokane, Wash. Upon checking my camera monitor in bright sunlight, I thought the picture was soft,  so I moved on to something else. After downloading the picture into my computer and toning it in Photoshop, I realized that it was a pretty cool snap. I only wish I would have asked her name for caption info. No place for it in the newspaper , so it ends up here in Snaps and Frames.

Krysy Castleberry, 13, enjoys the warm spring weather as she sports a balloon hat sitting near the Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park Wednesday, May 11, 2011. Castleberry saw the man known only as "The Balloon Guy" making a hat for a child. "I thought it was sweet--I had to have one," she said. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review