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This is one of those spray and pray shots you make when shooting sports. As Cheney High School’s C.J. Skillingstad scored the winning goal in overtime, I swung my lens from the ball in the net to the celebration happening on the field. I hit the shutter, unleashing my machine-gun fast Nikon D3s’ motor drive. I didn’t realize I had  C.J. in the photo because they all jumped on him. I like his hand in the air flashing the number one. Ahhh the drama. After the game, I sat on the sideline and downloaded my snaps into my iPad. I went directly to this photo first and edited and captioned  it in a super-cool $7.99 app called Photogene. I then sent the photo to the newspaper via the app’s FTP client. It’s nice not having to cart my 17-inch laptop around for assignments like this. Nikon D3s, Nikkor 300 f/4

Cheney's C.J. Skillingstad, bottom right, is mobbed by teammates after scoring the winning goal in overtime against East Valley Tuesday at Cheney High School. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review