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I’ve been hooked on shooting fall color lately. Spokane is beautiful this time of year. I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate the palette of colors fall brings each year. Photos Colin Mulvany/©The Spokesman-Review

American cranberry bush

Elm tree, Cannon Hill Park

        Embedded Maple leaf, Spokane, Wash.

           Wilted Zinnia bloom, Spokane Wash.

Duncan Gardens

September 21st, 2010 Permalink

I live just a few blocks from this formal garden and am always amazed at how colorful it is this time of year. In a few weeks gardeners will pull everything up and prep the beds for winter. I used a Nikon 70mm-200 set at about 150mm. It was raining and I didn’t think I would get this type of color from my RAW file–but I did. The lens is having some focus issues. It is soft on the right half of the frame. Two years ago this lens and my camera popped out the back hatch of my SUV going 30-mph. Both miraculously survived–though my heart almost stopped. I think it is just now dying. Time for a trip to Nikon for repair.

Awash in a rainbow of colors, visitors at Manito Park's Duncan Gardens stroll its gravel pathways during a light rain Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review.