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I love it when I’m on an assignment for one thing and I find a moment that I can be used as a stand-alone feature picture for the newspaper. I was at the Civic Theatre to shoot some preview photos for an upcoming play. As I waited for the actors to get ready, I spotted Tristan Conrad in his gator man costume sitting in the theater seats reading his cellphone. Turned out he could only see the screen through the nostrils of the mask.  He was reading “Lord of the Rings” and said he was trying to get used to wearing the gator head.  I think what drew me to take this photo was just the weirdness of the moment.


During a break dress rehearsal for of the Spokane Civic Theatre production of "Duck Hunter Shoots Angel" Tristan Conrad reads Lord of the Ring through the nostrils of his gator man costume. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review