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I took a Sunday drive with two photographer friends of mine today and these are the snaps I found along the way. In my job as a newspaper photojournalist, I don’t get to experiment with black and white photography much. The day was gray and foggy, so the conversion to B+W seemed natural. I spent the first half of my career shooting Tri-X film and printing my photos in a darkroom. I sometimes miss those days–except for the smell of fixer on my hands and clothes. ¬†All teses photos were shot with my new Nikon D4 and a selection of ¬†Nikkor Lenses (24-120mm f/4, 300mm f/4, and a 60mm macro.)




Palouse farm road



Rarely does my daily newspaper photography stray from the reality of photojournalism. But then there are those accidental times when I bump my camera and it fires randomly. I love these snaps because they are happy accidents that usually produce a blurry frame of abstract colors. I keep a folder of these mistakes and use them as background frames for titles in my video stories. This one snap feels different to me. Because there is a face in the frame, it creates a different mood for the viewer. It’s mysterious in a vague sort of way. It is not a great photo, but I like it for how it makes me feel.

Accidental Snap