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As a photojournalist, I’m constantly presented with impossible lighting situations. Dark basketball gyms, dim living rooms, etc. I try, in most cases, to leave the strobe in my trunk. Adding artificial light, too me, takes the reality out of a documentary photograph. In recent years, the low light capability of high-end DSLR cameras has improved dramatically. But even cranking my ISO to 8000 didn’t give me the results I wanted in this photo of inline speed skaters. Pattison’s Roller Rink is a cave. Only minimal ambient light was available. Two get this effect I set my camera to 1/13 of a second for the shutter with 5.6 aperture at 3200 ISO. That gave me a normal exposure for the ambient light, but to freeze the action I set my strobe to rear-curtain shutter, which fires the camera shutter first, then at the end of the exposure the strobe triggers. This added the ghosting effect to the skaters. I also panned the action–where my camera matched the speed of the skaters as they rolled past. This effect  made the background blur horizontal. I shot about 100 images and this one the best.

Members of Pattison Inline Racing, right to left, Michaela Roske,17, Haley Glatt,14, Jameson Dumo, 12, and Reece Dunlap,15, practice at Pattison's North Skating Center on Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Sometimes shooting hockey is  like being at a boxing match. This fight at the end of the Spokane Chiefs vs. the Tri-City Americans match was brutal to watch. As my motor-drive blazed away at nine-frames-per-second, the crowd cheered them on. Shooting a hockey fight might seem like it would be easy, but if you want to get that boxing like jab to the jaw, with the mouth guard and sweat flying out, it’s, well, more luck than talent. I went with the beat down photo for the newspaper. Someone at the Chief’s main office bought two 8X10 reprints today to give to  player Darren Kramer.

In the third period, Spokane Chiefs Darren Kramer and Tri-City American Tyler Schmidt duke it out before heading for their team's penalty boxes on Friday, March 11, 2011 in the Spokane Arena. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review