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Bitter Cold

November 24th, 2010 Permalink

On my way to work I noticed plumes of mist rising from the Spokane River. The temperature overnight had hit minus 8. The morning sun was still low in the sky so I figured that the backlit mist would make a good snap for my newspaper’s website. I found this angle with the old U.S. Pavilion left over from Expo 74 as my subject. I had left my hat in the car and by the time I was finished shooting, my ears felt brittle to the touch! Nikon D700/Nikkor 17-35 mm lens.

With the temperatures hovering near 0 degrees, mist from the Spokane River shrouds Riverfront Park, in Spokane Wash. Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Snow blowing

November 23rd, 2010 Permalink

This morning I was grumbling about my working conditions of having to go out in the bitter cold to find a snow feature photo. But seeing these two guys snow blowing bridge sidewalks made me rethink my plight. They were clearing the sidewalks in front of Spokane City Hall when I spotted them. Visually boring and not an interesting enough photo was my first thought. I soon realized the men were going to turn the corner and head over the Monroe Street Bridge. I chased after them. Most of the snow blew right back at them, which made for a better snap. Having the sun peek through the clouds was the icing. Nikon D700/ Nikkor 17-35 mm 2.8 lens

Tristan Long, front, and Hayden Symbol with the City of Spokane Water Department, remove snow from the Monroe Street Bridge Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010 in Spokane, Wash. Bitter cold is replacing the falling snow with temperatures forecasted to be minus 8 in Spokane Wednesday. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Ice crystals

November 22nd, 2010 Permalink

It was a chilly Saturday morning and my honey-do list included cleaning up the leaves in my front yard. As I raked, I begin to notice the ice crystals on the sycamore leaves. I dropped the rake and grabbed my Nikon D3s with a 60 mm macro lens from the trunk of my car.. The morning light was coming through the tress, which gave the crystals texture. After a few frames it was back to work. I”m glad I got the raking done. By Monday three-inches of snow had fallen.

Ice crystals that formed on a sycamore leaf caught my eye as I was raking leaves in my front yard in Spokane, Wash.. Photo/Colin Mulvany


November 16th, 2010 Permalink

I was worried when the snow started falling. I needed to get a picture of windmills on a farm for a story on how rural school districts in Washington state are benefiting from the increased property tax revenue generated from windmills. I left my hotel early to try and get a sunrise picture. Instead of orange light, I found white windmills against gray clouds. A touch of god light opened up from above as I hefted my camera with 400 mm 2.8 lens to my eye. The whole creative photo experience would’ve been better if I had remembered to pack my monopod. But I did learn one thing. Yes, you can hand-hold a 400 mm 2.8 lens. A least for a few frames a time.

On the outskirts of Bickleton, Wash., windmills have been sprouting up on farms. The green energy source has been a boon to the small town that is using some of the increased property tax revenue to fund a new $10 .4 million K-12 school. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review


November 14th, 2010 Permalink

When shooting basketball, I love it when players scramble for the ball. Most of the time when it happens, I get screened out by the ref or other players. As luck would have it, I got lucky tonight, not only for getting the shot, but for not heading to the other side of the court during the second half with all the other photographers. I, alone, got the shot. Of course, I’m sure I missed some killer shot they all got because I was too lazy to walk the length of the court…

Gonzaga's Kelly Olynyk (13) tries to hold possession of a loose ball, as (left, bottom to top) IUPUI's Mitchell Patton, Gonzaga's Demetri Goodson and IUPUI's Alex Young make a play for the ball in the second half Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010 in the McCarthey Athletic Center. Colin Mulvany/The Spokesman-Review

Police shoot, kill man

November 12th, 2010 Permalink

A burning roof eve falls away as Spokane Fire Department firefighters battle a fire at the Houston House Apartments at 607 E. Houston Avenue in Spokane, Washington. Fifty-four residents in 30 units were safely evacuated during the three-alarm fire Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010. COLIN MULVANY/The Spokesman-Review